Chocolate Chip Pancakes


What did I do with that glutinous purchase of Kodiak Cakes at Costco? I made chocolate chip pancakes of course. I happened to post this picture the other day on the Jessie’s Girls Facebook page and everyone was likely licking their phones, drooling over the thought of having these delicious pancakes.  They are pretty damn good, I must admit. I’ll get to the recipe here in a quick minute.


I get asked frequent………how can I keep all these sweets around and not eat them? I get asked how I’ve arrived at the point where I don’t have to refrain from outings (namely wine tasting in my case), or gatherings, or going out to dinner so as to stay on point with my nutrition. You wanna know the real truth?? (I always prefer on upfront answer)

So here you go…….I. Don’t. Know.

It’s complicated, is another answer to that question (which I really can’t). Or maybe it’s just a long process. Yes. Lets go with that! It’s a process. Learning about myself and what triggers I have. I’ve learned over time what foods are “red light” foods for me. Certain times of the month are bad for me, so I behave accordingly. We all have bad days. I try my best to drink my wine and leave it in that moment. I don’t let it turn into a week long binger. But ALL that came with time and practice. And failure. Lots of trial and error.

I did go about a year where I was pretty strict. I would only allow myself a couple of times a month to have a little something extra.  I would log my food every day to stay on track and make sure I was eating the correct amount of food. I think being so strict and tracking every morsel of food for an entire year, built a strong foundation of knowledge of what I was eating. Now I can look at a food and know how that fits into my daily diet. I am pretty secure on what my limits are and if I go over them. Once I was done losing the baby weight and running on a regular basis I started to eat more intuitively. I didn’t track or log anything. I ate what I felt like eating. I knew I could pick up that empty bottle of wine, throw it in the recycle bin, drink some water, and move on. This is how I can go on vacation and know how to control myself. Eat two really well balanced meals a day……drink the rest, right?  LOL. Not exactly how it is, but I am able to balance it out.

The other thing I did, was weigh myself every single day. Every. Day. Not as a self deprecating tool, but as a learning tool. “Oh, you drank that entire bottle of wine? Ok, lets see how that worked out for you.” Or, “Hey…I ate really clean all week! Hmmmm…somehow that seemed to work better.” So as the days, weeks, months went by, I learned more and more about how my body responded to foods. This is definitely NOT what I do today. I’m at the point where I trust my body to know what to do. What I am saying, is there is something to be said about being strict. Staying on track with whatever regimen you may be following. You may need to just hunker down for a bit until you get a grip on your habits. If you know that going wine tasting will lead to a sip, then a glass, then several bottles, then cheese, oh and brownies (mustn’t forget those!) and then it’s a weekend binger……you may want to rethink your plans. If you know you can go to your friends house party and bring your own food and stick to your plan….go!! It’s mostly about knowing yourself. Trusting yourself and letting go of the times where we slip. It will happen because you are a perfectly imperfect human.

Yes!! I have sweets around the house. I have a whole bunch of food laying around the house that doesn’t necessarily come in line with my fitness goals. That’s life. I just don’t binge eat it. It’s just not who I am. When I make a cake, I’m typically making it for a particular reason (not just to eat it!). Do I have a piece (or two) on occasion? YES!!! But I can go weeks with out it too. So it’s just about balance. I really want people to find the right balance. However, if you’re just starting out new. Or maybe starting over. Or just scared of letting go of the control, do it slow. Be “all in” for a time, then slowly let go. Trust yourself a little that you’ll know when to stop. Give yourself permission to slip and let it go.


OK!! Lets talk pancakes!

Chocolate Chip Kodiak Protein Cakes to be exact. So in those times where we are being diligent and staying on track, but the day goes to shit and you need something comforting…..look no further. This is what you’ll want to make. It’ll be on your plate in 10 minutes!

I start with one bowl and set it on my scale to weigh out the Kodiak Cake mix, protein powder and almond milk.

Next, weigh out your chocolate chips. Remember, if you’re not weighing your food, how the heck will you know if you’re eating the correct amount of food? Could you imagine shorting yourself chocolate chips?! That would be sad. Really sad. So just weight them. For all of us.


Pour your batter on the griddle and sprinkle with the chocolate chips. Cook until done. Meanwhile in a smaller bowl weigh out your Greek yogurt and maple syrup (sugar free if you have it).

Spread your Greek Yogurt mixture over the Pancakes and enjoy!!



Chocolate Chip Kodiak Cakes

53g Kodiak Power Cake mix

25g NLA for her Vanilla cupcake

3.5 fl oz of Almond Milk ( I use Califia Farms Toasted Coconut Almond milk)

14g Lilly’s Dark Chocolate Chip

56g Non fat Greek Yogurt (Fage brand)

15 ml Sugar Free Maple Syrup (Josephs Sugar Free Maple Syrup)


Macros For the Brands I use:

444 Calories • 49g Carbs • 10g of Fat • 42g Protein • 556mg sodium • 8g sugar


The great thing about this it makes two big pancakes. More than enough to fill you up and satisfy your hanger pains. The other great thing, is it’s only one serving. So there won’t be any left to nibble on! Easy to stay on track.

Unfortunately there is no magic pill friends. It’s good old fashioned will power most of the time. Fortunately for me food is easy to say NO too. Now….other things, not so much!!





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