Rolling Into Week 7

This week has been a bit of a struggle both physically and mentally. Missing two work outs. Not hitting all my macros on point. It can mess with your mind. As much as I like to have a balanced life, I struggle with wanting to be on point all the time. Reality is…..that’s not realistic. I rarely miss a workout. When I say rarely, I’m talking like maybe one missed workout over the course of three months, rarely. Not being on point with my macros, happens a bit more frequently (usually I end up under eating as fate would have it). So when both things happen at the same time, I kind of go into a little tail spin. I feel like I’m sitting watching all my gains wither away!

I start to down play my progress. A lot of self doubt starts to take place of acceptance. Thinking I should be a lot further along than I am. Thinking I should have a solid six pack by now. Blah, blah, blah. All the usual crap. Then I stop. I start to assess WHY I feel that way? Is it just because of a few bad days? Really? That’s just as unrealistic  a notion as being able to hit the gym 365 days a year. After all, what am I all about? BALANCE. Kids get sick. I get sick. Life happens. It’s what you do after, to get back on track, that matters the most.  Picking up and moving forward.

I had to remind myself that I’m training for life, not a competition. I’m training to prove you can do this when life happens. To prove that you can do this and live life in balance. Am I going to have that “perfect” (whatever that is) physique? No. But that’s not from a lack of trying……that’s because that does not exist!! That only exists in the eye of the beholder, so I’ve got to let that notion go. Reality is: I love to bake. Reality is: I have kids. Reality is: I am not competing. I’m living life. MY life that I love. We must strive for progress, not perfection.

With all this behind me, looking forward, I’ve got some gains to make! Week over week it feels like there aren’t many changes (physically). But there’s always changes, even if they are small. I was able to increase my weights on several sets. So my strength is growing. That is the point after all! We all get so caught up in “seeing” the changes. What I have found is, often the strength comes first, followed by the visual change to back that up.

All my nutrition stays the same this week. I’ve stayed consistent with my weight. My strength is increasing, even though my carbs are reducing. I will likely see more change with less sugar intake (wish me luck with that!). It does make a huge difference though. So maybe that’s what this weeks goal will be! Keep sugars at or below 20g per day. Yes, it’s doable. I’ve had days with zero sugars. Just takes diligence.

There’s always going to be days or weeks that go a little haywire on us. The real challenge comes from how we handle them. Tomorrow is a new day! Time to get back at it like nothing ever happened!



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