Hi! I’m Victoria! I am a fitness lover (some may choose the word addict, but I actually love working out) and I have a passion, need, desire to bake all things yummy. I’ve recognized I can only go about a day without any form of exercise and only about 3-4 days without baking. Call it what you will….. I call it love. I call it a passion.

I’m a self taught cook, baker, and burpee lover (yes I had to teach myself how to love burpees). I am utterly obsessed with Caramel. Its what true love tastes like. I am a certified Pilates instructor who also lifts weights . I love the Dave Matthews Band and listen to them at least once a day. Music + Caramel will soothe my soul.

With this page I hope to show people that with proper exercise and diet you can live a healthy balanced life without the need to fear food. Food is our friend!! Enjoy every bite!

I can be a bit philosophical, I question everything, and lead with my heart. I hope that shows. I hope to inspire just one person.

You can follow me on Instagram @fit_to_bake_

My Facebook page:  Fit To Bake

Snapchat: fittobake1

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